Me, you and baby too

Corona Virus Update...

Dear Parents-To-Be,

It is understandable that so many of you are requesting face-to-face classes. Whilst I would love to be able to provide these for you, as I feel they’re an important route to friendships and building support networks at an important time in life, I have made the difficult decision to continue offering online courses at this time.

The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (RCOG) have stated that since the pandemic is still evolving, we don’t have enough quality evidence to know the full impact of covid19 on pregnant women and their babies. What we do know is this:

The reality is that whilst the government needs to get our economy moving again, COVID-19 has not gone away, and it is still important for you to take precautions. NHS employees are still wearing PPE when working with you and restrictions are still in place on the number of visitors you can have when you attend hospital.

For any of you who wish to attend my antenatal online classes, I have set up WhatsApp chat groups to help you connect with like-minded people in your class and build support networks. I also include a link to the RCOG website, giving advice on ways of staying safe.

I hope this helps you understand why I feel that I cannot operate face-to-face classes at the moment – the health of you and your family is my upmost priority.

Kind regards,