Antenatal Classes in Manchester

unbiased antenatal advice

Due to the current pandemic, classes will be streamed live until further notice and will be six hours in total running over three consecutive weeks.

Congratulations on your impending arrival and welcome to Me, you and baby too. We invite you to join us to relax, have fun and make friends whilst learning about labour, birth and parenthood in comfortable surroundings. We understand that pregnancy can be a time filled with mixed emotions; fear of the unknown, anxiety, and excitement at becoming parents. For this reason we offer a comprehensive 10 hours of antenatal preparation plus opportunities to socialise with new friends. We are determined that you will leave us feeling excited and ready to meet your baby!

↪ Unbiased and supportive antenatal information

It’s your body, your baby, your birth and we fully respect that. Midwives regularly hear from new parents that they often feel judged for the decisions they make, not so here! At Me, you and baby too, we offer friendly, unbiased and supportive antenatal advice to help prepare and empower you to make the right decision for you and your family during this journey to and through parenthood. Topics are tailored to the requirements of each group, but discussions often include:

↪ Learn practical skills

You'll have the opportunity to learn essential practical skills such as:

↪ Opportunity to make lifelong friends

We understand that No Man is an Island and making lifelong friends on your antenatal course can be just as important as preparing for the birth itself. Research has repeatedly proven that having a good support network and friendship group in the early days reduces the risk of postnatal depression and makes happier parents and families. This is why Me, you and baby too offer classes in social venues within your local area, enabling you to carry on socialising with your group once the class has finished, should you wish. We also ensure that everyone on the course has a baby due around a similar time, that way they too have ready made friends from the very start.

↪ First Aid

We discuss how to recognise signs that your baby is becoming unwell so that you can act promptly and appropriately to any concerns. We also include A Basic First Aid class focused on the new born, which gives you the opportunity to practise your resuscitation skills on a manikin.

↪ Introduction to Hypnobirthing

We understand that becoming a new parent can be an expensive time. For this reason, Me, you and baby too include a Hypnobirthing introduction on our Antenatal course, helping you understand how hypnobirthing can help you in labour and giving you an opportunity to ask any questions about the more comprehensive courses we offer.

If you are already booked on one of our Antenatal classes, we offer you 20% discount on a Hypnobirthing course.

↪ Here for you

Just because your antenatal class may have finished doesn’t mean that’s the end. Me, you and baby too are happy to provide support and advice throughout the rest of your pregnancy and early days as new parents.

When to start? The best time to start our classes are from 28-32 weeks pregnant. Please contact us directly if you are more than 33 weeks pregnant.

Who to bring? The course is ideally for the birth mother and her birth partner. This enables the birth partner to learn how to be able to fully support the mother during birth, and help you cope in the early days whilst adjusting to parenthood. We understand that the birth partner may not always be able to attend classes with you, so please feel free to bring a friend or family member who you feel will be supportive. You are also welcome to come alone if you prefer.

When and where? Classes will be taught at various locations throughout Trafford, by a qualified, experienced Midwife. Please see Venues for more information about dates, times and prices.