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Friends of Me, You and Baby Too….

Congratulations! You got here! Your beautiful baby is safely tucked up in your arms and your next big decision is how to feed them. For those of you who have decided to breast feed, it is most likely you will have obtained some antenatal advice on how to do so. After birth your midwife may have observed a feed or two before you were discharged from their care, but perhaps you still don’t feel confident? That’s totally understandable and totally normal.

There are lots of concerns that mums have about breast feeding their baby. Maybe you’re worried that your baby isn’t feeding enough? Maybe it hurts you when they latch? Or maybe you just want someone who can reassure you, someone who can be with you in your own home and can give you 100% of their undivided attention without rushing off to another family? If so, we have the perfect person to help you!

Helen Beeston has more than 30 years of Midwifery expertise. After travelling the globe for two decades she finally settled in south Manchester to raise her own family. During her career she has worked as a Breast Feeding Specialist in Manchester and continues to support new mothers with feeding their babies on a daily basis whilst working on a Midwife led Birth Centre. It is safe to say that supporting new mothers to become happy and confident at feeding their infants is Helen’s passion. Whilst managing the Birth Centre at Whiston Hospital, Helen has continued with her passion and is now trained in frenulotomy (a procedure that separates a baby’s tongue tie enabling them to feed more easily), and is currently in training to become a Lactation Consultant.

You can meet Helen at some of our scheduled classes. Alternatively, you can contact her directly for information and prices on breast feeding support within your own home.

Helen’s contact details are:

email: [email protected]

mobile: 07904 075 257